Practical Exam Coaching Session (1hr)

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Are you ready to take the practical exam and pass with flying colors?

What do you feel you need to specifically work on?

I can help you feel more confident and conquer!


Oh man, have I been there, so nervous about taking one of the most important exams of my life!

Looking back and reflecting, I wish I had someone I could have turned to who had already been through it for additional guidance and insider information to answer all of my questions, outside of the professional mentoring included within the certification process.

I would have loved the opportunity to run through the checklist with a former student and Certified Health and Wellness coach who had experienced the practical first hand to improve my confidence and ensure I was ready.

This is why I made the decision to offer coaching for the practical exam as an additional offering within my private coaching practice.

To be clear, I do not work for Wellcoaches and this does not provide or replace the approved and required mentoring you need for the practical exam and/or certification. 

What I am offering is additional support because I understand what you are going through as you prepare for the exam. After taking all of the classes and fulfilling all of the requirements to get to this point, passing the practical exam is the key to opening all of the doors to your coaching career.

Thankfully I did pass with a high score on my first try and now I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

Here is how your coaching sessions can work; ultimately you are in control, but here are some points we can cover.

  • We will schedule an hour that works best for you.
  • You can ask me anything you’d like.
  • I will tell you everything that I wish I had known.
  • We can run through your exam scenario to ensure you’ve hit every line on your coaching checklist correctly.
  • I will share specific details and my personal guideline that you can practice with before taking the exam.
  • You can use this time however you’d like to build your confidence and ensure you pass your practical on your first try.
  • If for some strange reason, you do not pass your practical, I will give you another hour of coaching for free; that’s how much I believe in what I can offer you.

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you conquer the practical exam!

1 review for Practical Exam Coaching Session (1hr)

  1. laurapitts055

    Cristina was remarkable. I would not have passed this exam had it not been for her guidance! I was so shaken up. It felt like my thoughts were scattered and that I was never going to be able to get them together to overcome this hurdle of taking the exam! I reached out to Cristina upon realizing that she had recently taken the exam, passed, and was onto navigating her health coaching business. She was so incredibly gracious in extending her helpful techniques, things that she had learned, and provided tips and strategies that she implemented in her own coaching process to pass the exam. After having a couple trial runs with her before taking my exam, I had more confidence than ever that I would surely come out on the other side of this exam. She was empowering, life-giving, and helped me strengthen areas that I felt weak in. I would definitely recommend signing up for a couple sessions of her exam prep before taking the exam. Thank you, Cristina!!

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