3-Months of Wellness Coaching Package Offer (Save $160)


Before purchasing, please ensure you have read, signed and understand Cristina’s Coaching Agreement.

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Recommended Health and Wellness Coaching Package Offer

3 Months is considered the evidence based, gold-standard time frame to create lasting behavior change because it’s long enough to make meaningful progress, establish new habits, experience the benefits, while short enough to stimulate a sense of urgency.

This is why we set 3 month behavior goals during your 1st session after creating your wellness vision. These goals are what you want to be doing consistently 3 months from now.

With this in mind, I am offering a very special 3-month health and wellness coaching package that will include your first longer session (60-90 minutes) and eleven on-going weekly sessions for $600.00.

Within this offer you will receive one free weekly session (a $60 savings) and $10 off all of the other ten sessions for a total of $160 in overall savings.

Plus, you will get the bonus of access to me via text for 30 minutes per week within this package offer.