Special Offer 3-Month Wellness Coaching Package (Save $160)


If you’ve been asking yourself some complicated questions lately, you’re in the right place to find the answers.

Maybe you’ve decided to make some positive, lasting changes to the old patterns of your life to get healthier and feel better, and then the most daunting question always arises, BUT HOW?

Depending on the challenge, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

For instance, maybe you’re looking for ways to exercise consistently, find time to make healthier meals, alleviate stress from a heavy workload, deal with the anxiety of communicating with difficult people, tackle unexpected challenges of a job, figure out a plan to find more time for YOU, or simply just want to talk with someone who will listen?

Whatever it might be, we can tackle anything you want to change in your life together, and I’d be honored to be your partner.

As your coach, I will ensure you feel safe, comfortable and at ease from the moment we meet as we get to know each other and explore everything about you.

Session by session, we will walk through your transformation together and figure out the new pathways to healthy changes that work specifically for you and your life.

I’m here to guide, support and empower you to your personal desired level of health and wellness.

My ultimate goal is that you walk away feeling better than before we met. I truly can’t wait to meet you!

See more details about the 3 month special offer package below that is normally $760, being offered for a limited time only for $600.

Before purchasing, please ensure you have read, signed and understand Cristina’s Coaching Agreement.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

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What You’ll Get With This Special Coaching Package Offer

This very special limited offer includes:

  • 12 total coaching sessions via phone
  • 60-90 minute 1st session (this is where we get to know each other, create a vision, 3-month goals and 1st week action goals, or experiments to test out)
  • 11 weekly (or bi-weekly) 30-40 minute sessions (each time we meet we will check in on where you are and next steps to where you want to be)
  • 100% confidentiality and privacy

*Plus, you will get the bonus of text coaching with me when needed up to 30 minutes per week within this special package offer.

The 1st session is normally $100 and each weekly session is $60.

With this offer you get every session for $50! + FREE text coaching for 30 minutes per week!

This is a rarity so take advantage now before it’s gone.

Why 3 months? It is considered the evidence based, gold-standard time frame to create lasting behavior change because it’s long enough to make meaningful progress, establish new habits, experience the benefits, while short enough to stimulate a sense of urgency.

After creating your wellness vision, we will set 3 month behavior goals during your 1st session. These goals are chosen by you as what you personally want to be doing consistently 3 months from now. Additionally, we will create a few SMART goals each time we meet for you to put into action until we meet again.

Let’s get started! Please feel free to call or text me for more information, a free discovery call and payment options outside of my website; 860-849-1174.

I look forward to hearing from you:)

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