Before purchasing, please ensure you have read, signed and understand Cristina’s Coaching Agreement. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]


You are taking charge of your health and wellness because you are here and ready for change; this is a celebration of your commitment to thrive and be your best.

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to get to know each other at your 1st coaching session, create your vision, 3-month goals and first set of weekly goals, it’s time to book your on-going coaching session(s).

In these subsequent 35-45 minute sessions, we’ll start with all of the positives and highlights that have occurred in your life since we last connected, including best experiences with your goals from our prior session.

During our time together, we will resolve your most pressing issues and challenges, have an opportunity to get to the heart of the matter where we can talk about anything that is on your mind, and then brainstorm ideas for new SMART goals for the following week.


These achievable weekly baby steps will only be what you feel is most comfortable for you to set each week.

And then lastly, we will wrap up our session with an opportunity for you to give me feedback on anything else I can do to better serve you and then schedule another time for us to connect.

You will definitely experience many aha moments along the way and find yourself motivated and inspired until we meet again!

Each individual a’ la carte session is $60.

Do you want to save $10 per session?

There is also the option to purchase the recommended and discounted 3-month coaching package that includes the first longer 60-90 minute session, eleven weekly (or bi-weekly) sessions and 30 minutes of coach texting per week for $600.00

(this is $160 in savings that includes $10 off each session, one free session, plus the bonus of access to me via text for 30 minutes per week within this package offer) HERE.

Why 3-months?

3 Months is considered the evidence based time frame to create behavior change because it’s long enough to make meaningful progress, establish new habits, experience the benefits, while short enough to stimulate a sense of urgency.

This is why we set 3 month behavior goals during your 1st session attached to your wellness vision. These goals that you choose are what you’ll want to be doing consistently 3 months from now.

Get the 3-month package offer HERE.