A coaching agreement sets the tone for the relationship between the client and the coach, outlines expectations and includes relevant information you need to know before getting started. The goal is to set you up for success and ensure we are on the same page with all the important details.

The following agreement between Cristina Pierce and the client must be signed before coaching can begin; once completed and payment is received, you will contacted to schedule your first session. 

Please review the following commitments between you and your coach:

I agree to participate in weekly (or bi-weekly) wellness coaching session(s) with Cristina Pierce that can last approximately 30-40 minutes based upon our availability and schedule. 

I consent to being contacted by my coach via phone (or mutually agreed upon method) for this time period or as frequently as we deem necessary. 

I understand that my participation in this coaching agreement is completely voluntary and I may withdrawal from the coaching relationship at any time by notifying my coach via email. 

I understand that the rates for the 1st coaching session (60-90 minutes) is offered at $100, and that each weekly session (30-40 minutes) following is offered at $60, or the discounted 3-month coaching package that includes the 1st longer session + 11 weekly sessions for $600.00. 

All fees are payable via Venmo, Banking Method, or Personal Check.

I understand that coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy. Coaching is its own unique process that draws on strategies and my personal strengths to achieve my goals. My coach will serve as a guide and partner in this unique process. If my coach believes at any point that therapy services are necessary, we will discuss options for an appropriate referral. 

I understand that my role is to be available on time for our scheduled coaching sessions and if I cannot, I will notify my coach at least 24 hours in advance if I need to reschedule. If I do not, or am a no-show, I agree to pay Coach Cristina for the full cost of that session.

I understand that working with a health and wellness coach, I may find a new perspective to support me to define my vision, identify and reach my goals and to improve my adaptability. 

Throughout each coaching session, I understand that I will be asked a lot of thought-provoking questions. At the end of each session, I agree that it is my responsibility to honestly communicate with my coach to express what works and what doesn’t work about how I am coached.

I assert that I agree to participate in the coaching program, will follow the guidelines and be fully accountable for all of the choices and the decisions that I make. I also acknowledge that I am fully responsible for my own success through this coaching journey

If not purchasing a 3-month coaching package, during our first session, I will determine with my coach the number of coaching sessions that I’d like to engage in and then will evaluate the progress and whether I wish to continue. 

If purchasing a 3-month package, I will decide if I wish to continue onto another 3-months, before my last scheduled session.

I understand, the health and wellness coaching services that will be provided to me is a supportive partnership and not advice focused, but rather the topics that I choose to talk about of any subject matter I wish, including but not limited to work/life balance, exercise, time management, self-care, balance, stress, nutrition, relationships, culinary support, life goals, etc.

Limited Liability: You, the client, understands that other than what is provided in this agreement, the coach makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied with respect to the coaching services negotiated, agreed upon and rendered. In no event shall the coach be liable to the client for any indirect, consequential or special damages. The coach’s only liability under this agreement shall be limited to the coaching services fees paid by the client to the coach.

Confidentiality: As a matter of ethics, my coach declares that she will maintain strict confidentiality about all of my personal information shared by me. The only exception is if the coach has reasonable cause to believe there are any threats to cause serious harm to myself or others. Then, the coach is obligated to report the situation to the proper agent. 

Refund policy: Only 3-month packages will be partially refunded when client has chosen not to continue. Within the first month of coaching, the client will be refunded 2/3 of the package price ($400) and after the second month of coaching the client will be refunded 1/3 of package price ($200).

By signing this agreement, I am affirming that I have a complete understanding of the coaching services that I will be provided. As a client, I fully understand and acknowledge that I am entirely responsible for my well-being during my coaching sessions including the choices and decisions that I make.

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Cristina Pierce, NBC-HWC, ACLM 

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