Exercise: Why Anything Is Better Than Nothing

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Alongside what you eat, exercise is an essential component of a healthy life because it plays a role in reducing the risk of numerous diseases. Moving your body also has a direct impact on your mental well-being with a lower risk of depression.

Exercise is one of the very important 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine. These are the areas of your life where you have the power over your health.

Most of us know we should be exercising every week, but either struggle to find the time, or have an all or nothing mentality that it must be a lengthy workout, or a strenuous class at the gym, to really count.

But it turns out, studies have found, when it comes to exercise, anything is better than nothing because a little bit of movement goes a long was with small wins compounding into big wins.

Walking for 15 minutes counts.

Doing a one-minute plank counts.

5 push ups count.

Taking the stairs counts.

Parking your car farther away in the parking lot at Target counts.

Even stretching before bed counts.

Because any movement counts, and is always better than doing nothing.

And when you move in some way, you have an accomplishment under your belt; something to be proud of, and that is motivation in itself to keep going.

Even more great news!!

Quite often, once you start moving, there is a very good chance you’re going to keep moving. That intention to walk 15 minutes could easily turn into 30 minutes because once you’re out and about you might realize how incredible you feel.

This is magic! This is your moment to make an impact on your health and wellness. This is your time.

For some reason, the most difficult challenge is starting; putting those sneakers on, getting on your yoga mat or just simply walking out the door. But once you do, the best part is, that one small step of success only leads to more successes!

With a new mindset of of telling yourself “anything is better than nothing“, you’re already on your way to better health.

Make movement a part of your everyday rituals like brushing your teeth, start small and see where it leads you. This is your new healthier and happier life!

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