Did you know that your behaviors, the things you do everyday, are one of the most important factors that determine whether you live a long, healthy life? But how do you change, and then even more challenging, stick with these new healthy behaviors, such as exercising, sleeping more, improving your relationships, or eating nutritious foods, for good?

Science has found that behavior change occurs when we get to the root of what’s most important to you, and pair it alongside positive psychology; which is the discovery of what makes you flourish at your best, versus trying to fix a problem. Discovering who you are today, and your dreams for tomorrow, is the basis of what a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach orchestrates, with you always in the driver’s seat.

My genuine curiosity and incurable optimism brought me to coaching empowering me to achieve the National Board Certification of Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC); an esteemed credential representing training, education and assessment standards set by the National Board of Medical Examiners.

In addition, I hold a Lifestyle Medicine certificate from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM); which equips me with the knowledge to help my clients prevent, treat and even reverse chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The bottom line is, you are what you repeatedly do. Your habits and behaviors make up who you are and ultimately how you feel. What habits or behaviors are you ready to change? If you’re ready to start your own health and wellness journey, or just want to learn more about coaching, contact me for a FREE 15-MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL HERE.