Your Self-Care Menu; Pick 3 Each Day

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Taking just a few minutes for you each day can transform your health and wellness.

Self-care is defined as a conscious act a person takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health.

Self care doesn’t have to be big and bold or time consuming. Simple acts of care for yourself each day are impactful and if consistent, can compound over time.

We’ve created a Self-Care Menu with the estimated times for you to choose from, pick one or even three intentions for yourself each day. Embrace self-care, be intentional and experience the on-going incredible health and wellness benefits.

Take 5 deep breaths.1-3 min
Set a daily intention (no social media 1st hour you are awake).1-2 min
Watch the sunrise, or just look out the window and savor.5-10 min
Stretch your body in the morning, or before going to sleep.10-15 min
Write in a journal, anything that comes to your mind.10-15 min
Catch up with a friend over the phone; yes actually talk not text.20-30 min
Take a walk around the block or hike through nature.25-30 min
Cook a healthy meal, or just a snack to nurture your body.30-40 min
Read a book, or your favorite magazine.30-40 min
Do something, anything, just for YOU!1 whole hour:)

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