5 Small Steps to Self Care; Feel Your Best

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Are you ready to feel better right now? I think we all are as we’ve had enough of the stress and worry lately, in addition to being stuck inside during this colder time of year.

It’s time to take these 5 small steps to self care to feel your best.


Obviously this can’t be said enough because most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Did you know hydration is not only essential to your physical health, but also your mental health? Studies have shown being hydrated lowers the risk of anxiety and depression.

Our memories, energy and ability to concentrate also suffer when dehydrated. Something as simple as drinking more water throughout the day is a small step to self care that you can do right now. Set a timer if need be, and drink fluids every hour. Learn how much water YOU should be drinking everyday.


It’s tough to get a good night’s sleep when our brains are on fire. And what we do before bed plays a big role in the quality of our sleep. So make the decision, right now, that you are going to start to shut everything down including the television an hour before bedtime and unplug from the chaos.

Rather than scrolling through silly social media posts that can actually cause more anxiety, sit calmly in your bed and take 10 deep breaths, claim the time it takes to be happier.

Stretch your body. Create a spa-like environment with a humidifier and white-noise. Start to calm your mind and commit to at least 7 hours of sleep tonight. This simple step to self care will change your whole world because a good night’s sleep has life changing benefits.


There’s a tendency to stay still when we’re not feeling well mentally. The idea of moving just seems so out of reach. But the true story is movement has a direct affect to making us feel better. Getting our blood moving into our brains and our breath going improves mental health, this is just a fact.

Making the decision to move in some way everyday is essential to self care and overall health and well-being. Something a simple as a walk around the block is a small step that will help you feel better right now, in addition to sleeping better tonight.


I know this sounds a little strange, but focusing your mind on something as simple as cleaning and organizing a drawer, is a small step to self care that has lasting affects.

Cleaning something will not only take your mind to a different dimension for a few minutes, it will make you feel better everything time you open that drawer, or whatever it might be.

Being organized, feeling accomplished and being reminded of that win will make you feel better right now, tomorrow and the next day.


This one is probably the most challenging for most, but essential to a healthy mind and relationships. My motto is always, speak up, say how your feel, right now, rather than holding it in and building anger. Communicating is a practice because everyone is different in creating it and receiving it; know your audience.

Timing also plays a crucial role as you don’t want to be expressing yourself as your husband is walking out the door. Write down your thoughts as you feel them then create a safe space and time to discuss them. You will feel better instantly and your relationships will flourish.

Final thoughts…

I know that idea of incorporating these 5 small steps to better self care sounds great, but actually putting them into action is your job. When we make a commitment to doing something to improve our lives, there’s a much better chance they’ll happen. Start by picking one of two of these today and really try to do them today; you will be making a positive impact on your life and the people that surround you.

Be healthy my friends. xo

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