6 Ways to release control and improve self-care

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Move, remain calm and be present.

Now more than ever it’s even more challenging to relax, release control and take care of ourselves properly. Outside of time; which is almost always the common denominator, there seems to be so much going on in our heads while we juggle the chaos. The good news is there are always ways to overcome being overwhelmed.

Self care can be anything from drinking more water each day or taking 10 deep breaths. When you do something or anything for yourself to feel better and improve your health mentally or physically; that is self care. Conventional self care is eating more plants, moving in any capacity, sleeping well, being present, staying calm or even just loving the people who surround you as you build your tribe.

But when you face each day and that never-ending schedule, it can be difficult to imagine how you can also take care of you. This is where releasing some control comes in; which will enable you to create a different perspective because believe it or not, there is always time even when you think there’s not.

6 ways to release control, find more time for you and improve self care.

Ask for help.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this I’m sure, but it’s ok to ask for help every once in a while without feeling guilty especially if it’s going to benefit your health and of those who surround you. For instance, asking another mother to drive your child to soccer practice so that you can prep dinner; this is self care.

Laugh at yourself; release your ego

You don’t have to be perfect all of the time, or even close to it. Taking a moment to breathe and see the funny in everything is self care and will enable you to release some control and accept what’s happening in the moment. Stop beating yourself up because you didn’t finish everything you had planned to do in one day, just do what you can

Receive the unexpected as a gift

When the unexpected occurs we often get upset or frustrated; which only creates a negative vibe and those emotions are contagious. Instead, try to see the unexpected as a gift and find the good in everything.

For instance, if you get stuck in traffic or in a line at the grocery store, make the most of the moment reminding yourself that there is a good reason why you’re in that situation. It could create a beautiful conversation with your child in the car or a couple minutes to check your email on your phone. Thinking positively even when the unexpected happens is self care.

Walk away from people and things no longer serving you

You don’t have to be involved with everyone and everything, and you most certainly don’t have to say yes to it all. It’s ok to end relationships or not have your child involved with every activity that you originally thought was a good idea; you can say no. Making the decision to walk away from people and things that no longer serve you is one of the best forms of self care and ways to create more time and space to take care of you.

Release attachment to outcome

This is the best way to say LIVE FOR TODAY! Live in the moment that you are in right now and release the worry of what’s going to happen tomorrow or a year from now. Make the best of what you have in front of you and enjoy it to the best of your ability. You don’t have control over what’s going to happen, you only have control over what’s happening. When you release the attachment to outcome you will have more time to take care of you.

Apologize sincerely when necessary and embrace forgiveness

When we hold onto guilt or anger it just gets in the way, most especially with our health. It’s not always easy, but whenever something occurs that has caused a riff with another be the bigger person and say you’re sorry and embrace forgiveness whenever you can. This will be a great release on your mind, it will create deeper integrity and will open up space in your life to focus on you.

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