Finding some sanity during this insane time

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Are we still talking about this? I’m a pretty patient person with an incurable optimistic mind, but really? Yes, this is unchartered water that most of us have never been through.

But for sure, I thought we’d at least be in a better place as a nation by now. Unfortunately this is not the case. So I had to find a way to some sanity during this insane time.

Throughout the past fews months I’ve realized that no matter what challenge you might be facing, it’s important for your health to find a consistent routine.

Why routines are good for your health

The pattern of doing the same things each day is the saving grace to calming the mind and feeling like you’re accomplishing something worthwhile while things remain out of your control.

Creating a more predictable and controllable environment will help to lower your anxiety and stress through repetition.

A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed, also known as a fixed program. These actions can be anything you’d like, but should include things that are important to you and make you feel good or at least better.

How to create a routine

Of course you already have regular routines like brushing your teeth or making dinner, but what we’re talking about is giving yourself 15 minutes in the morning, or at night, to do yoga, meditate, go for a walk or whatever floats your boat.

All of these will not only create a more stable life, but will naturally improve your brain function, mental health and make you feel happier.

Try to do whatever you might choose at the same time everyday and within 2 weeks it will become a natural, healthy routine within your life that you look forward to.

Take a moment to think of one healthy thing you’d like to incorporate into your life starting today, decide when the best time would be to do it and make a pact with yourself to make it happen.

Add your new activity to your calendar or jot down a reminder note to ensure you don’t forget and encourage yourself until it becomes a habit.

This may seem like the simplest thing to do and it is, but putting routine into action is the challenge.

Remember, the more you do something, the more natural it will become and will influence your life in the most remarkable ways.

Stay healthy my friends.

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