Eat this delicious naturally detoxifying vegetable right now

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There’s no doubt, I love vegetables, more so as I’ve grown older. I even like the ones that I despised as a kid. But more recently, I’ve been obsessed over a vege that I hadn’t ever cared for until now and I can’t wait to share why you should also be eating this delicious naturally detoxifying vegetable right now.

So what am I talking about? The RADiSH! A root vegetable that doesn’t have to be too peppery, just crunchy and delicious. This is how I discovered my new love of the radish.

I’m a big fan of guacamole or a fresh sushi roll and I’d often see them served with a couple sliced radishes on top and I thought hmmm, that might be tasty.

So I bought a bunch at the grocery store, sliced them up and never looked back. I’ve been putting radishes on everything from my omelette in the morning to my BLT sandwich in the afternoon. You name it, I’ll put a radish on it. They’re crunchy, very low in calories and are jam-packed with healthy benefits.

What I never liked before was a heavy peppery taste, it just turned me off. But this summer every bunch I buy is mild and absolutely perfect.


Here are the reasons why you should be eating radishes right now...

Radishes great for your waistline with only 15 calories per half a cup.

Radishes are high in Vitamin C.

Radishes are hight in Vitamin E.

Radishes support good digestion.

Radishes naturally detoxify the body.

Radishes protect against colon cancer.

Radishes protect against stomach cancer.

Radishes only cost $1.99 a bunch.

Radishes offer even more because you can eat the greens by sautéing them just like kale or Swiss chard.

Radishes are in season now, so scoop some up and give them a try!!

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