How many eggs can you eat and stay healthy?

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Did you know one large egg provides about 6 grams of protein for only about 70 calories?

In addition, this protein is also one of the most easily absorbed, helping you to feel satisfied longer while enabling you to sustain focus, energy and manage your weight more effectively. This is why eggs have become one of the most popular foods in more recent years. But how many eggs can you eat and stay healthy?

According the to Egg Nutrition Center, eggs aren’t only healthy in helping to maintain weight, they also offer tons of essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, one of the most important for bone health.

This special food also contains the nutrient choline; which plays a role in memory and brain development in growing fetuses, while later in life, playing a role in controlling inflammation, that is believed to cause many diseases. Here are 3 healthy reasons to eat more eggs.

So getting back to our question of how many eggs can you eat and stay healthy, the answer depends on your overall health. Research suggests that a healthy person can safely eat six whole eggs per week. So that means about one egg per day or three 2 egg meals, keeping in mind that you can stretch this count by incorporating more egg whites.

Now, if you have health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol the weekly number reduces by half to three whole eggs per week. But this should be approved by your doctor because saturated fat and cholesterol needs to be monitored to ensure overall diet intake.

Eating eggs is just one part of your diet and your health is affected by everything you’re eating. Eating a veggie omelette topped with slices of avocado versus fried eggs with bacon and white toast are two very different things.

Eggs are one of the most versatile, easy and quick healthy protein options that provide satisfying nourishment especially when paired with other healthful foods. If you’re going to eat eggs consistently each week, choose scrambled, hard-boiled or omelette style with all of the vegetables you love to truly make the healthiest meal.

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