Here are just a few examples of what my clients have experienced when partnering with me as their health and wellness coach.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Cristina at a time in my life when I was struggling mentally and physically. As an elementary teacher, I have been struggling with my job as it is emotionally and physically draining. 

Through the help of Cristina, she guided me to remember why I became a teacher and helped me to find the positives in each day.  We brainstormed new ideas and she asked me the right questions to think about things in a new light. Even on the toughest day, I always felt a sense of peace after talking with Cristina. Just prior to meeting with Cristina, I had started my health journey of consistently working out every day. I achieved many of the goals that we had set together and I feel physically stronger than I have my entire life. 

I am so thankful to have worked with Cristina and I can not recommend her enough. I always looked forward to talking with her and she was always willing to listen when I talked about teacher things! She was very flexible when meeting, especially since my schedule was changed last minute.  Cristina is just so amazing at what she does and I can not recommend her enough.  I’m so thankful to our mutual friend for connecting us and for Cristina helping me on this journey to bettering myself!” 


I am a single mother of two children.  I work full-time and have NO time. I was stressed and not sleeping great. I contacted Cristina and she changed my life. She took the time to get to know me and my lifestyle. I thought nothing is going to help and that I needed to just deal with it. She was so supportive, yet pushed me to identify small behavioral changes each week that were sustainable.  With her on-going support I have integrated those changes into habit and it truly has changed my life! I am sleeping great and feel so much calmer. I have my life back and I thank Cristina for that!!


I am a 51 year old mom working in a healthcare profession and consider myself knowledgeable about health and wellness. I have even worked with another wellness coach in the past, which is why I was somewhat skeptical about reaching out again, as I wondered what else I could actually gain from the experience. Despite my reservations, I reached out to Cristina as I felt like I needed some guidance. My kids were off to college, my job was chronically stressful, I was officially “over 50” and I just wasn’t feeling like myself.

Through working with Cristina, she helped me to evaluate my values and how I spend my time. She taught me how to develop goals for myself that would keep my life moving in a fulfilling direction that centered around my priorities and what truly made me happy. She helped me to create and maintain boundaries between my personal and work life with very concrete steps. She also helped me to realize my specific strengths and how to utilize them in all my different roles. Cristina truly “walks the talk” as she personifies what ultimate self care can do for us if we choose to prioritize it. She is genuine, extremely resourceful, inspiring and relatable. It is clear that it is her life mission to help others reach their potential as well.

She was extremely flexible in working with my tight schedule as we frequently needed to get creative with our meeting times. If you are feeling like you need some direction and want to start prioritizing your own health and wellness, I would highly recommend working with Cristina. She has helped me to prioritize myself, which in turn, has positively affected everyone in my life. She has also made me feel more empowered to continue making insightful decisions that ultimately help me to maintain a healthy balance in my life going forward.


I had the good fortune to connect with Cristina Pierce during a difficult point in my life.  I had been faced with many challenges including divorce, raising teenagers, an aging parent, working and attending school.  I knew I needed help getting my life back on track and gaining control and improving both my physical and emotional health.  From the first time we connected she was warm, non-judgmental, caring, and I felt she sincerely was there for me and genuinely wanted to see me succeed. 

Throughout each of our sessions she championed my successes and helped me brainstorm on ways to succeed when I struggled, she was patient with me and I never felt rushed.  She has a vast amount of knowledge in the area of womens health and easily answered questions I had or helped guide me to come up with solutions that would fit into my lifestyle – which is very busy! 

As of today, I feel like I have been able to achieve goals that prior to working with Cristina felt overwhelming.  I am now able to set a positive and healthy example for my children on how to balance the challenges in life and manage those crazy times that come up without putting myself last.  She is a true gift and I am so thankful I made that first call.


Working with Cristina has been a very positive and rewarding experience.  Cristina has proven herself as a very effective and skilled coach. She has helped me to become more effective on the job and has been instrumental in helping me to incorporate exercise on a regularly basis, despite my jam packed schedule.  Collectively, this has enabled me to achieve my goals and reach a level of calm that I never thought possible.  


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