Learn the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

When implemented, Lifestyle Medicine can prevent chronic health conditions. It’s an evidence-based approach to treating and reversing disease by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones. As a Lifestyle Medicine specialist, I will guide you to incorporate this approach into your goals and life.

Did you know 80% of all health care spending is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in unhealthy lifestyles choices? Lifestyle Medicine is the hope solution of these preventable diseases and conditions.

(Credit: American College of Lifestyle Medicine)

Applying the following 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine can provide the effective prevention of health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

  • Nutrition. Food is medicine so choose a predominantly whole food, plant based diet that is rich in fiber and nutrient dense. Eat vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
  • Exercise. Regular physical activity that can be maintained on a daily basis throughout life like walking, gardening, push ups and lunges is an essential piece of the optimal health equation.
  • Restorative sleep. Lack of or poor quality sleep can lead to a strained immune system. Be aware of sleep environment, diet and behaviors that lead to healthy rest.
  • Stress management. Since stress can lead to anxiety, depression, immune dysfunction and more, recognize and identify stressors to improve well-being.
  • Avoidance of risky substances. The dangers of substance abuse has been well documented increasing the risk of many cancers and heart disease. Not smoking and limiting alcohol intake are positive behaviors that improve health.
  • Positive social connections and relationships. Being connected socially is essential to emotional resiliency with studies showing isolation is associated with increased mortality. Home and environment should be considered when examining overall health and well-being.

(Credit: American College of Lifestyle Medicine)

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