How emotionally intelligent are you? 5 ways to boost it

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So what is emotional intelligence? Simply put, it’s the ability to be aware and in control of your emotions in addition to being in tune of the emotions of others. Most importantly, having emotional intelligence is the key to success both personally and professionally.

Being able to regulate, manage and harness your emotions even when in unexpected conflict is true control. Along with this comes effective communication that enables for long-lasting, healthy relationships, in addition to being empathetic of those around you. So how emotionally intelligent are you? Here are 5 ways to boost it.

Stop numbing yourself.

Too often, when we feel down and out, we turn to things like alcohol, drugs, food, social media or any type of distraction rather than dealing with the problem itself. The message here is to acknowledge your emotions and sit with them for a while versus trying to escape them. Numbing yourself will only prolong healing and understanding.

Write it down.

Taking a few minutes at the end of each day to write down what you may have learned about yourself and what challenges you may have had and how you handled them. Self-reflection stimulates self-awareness and putting your experiences on paper is a fantastic way to do that.

Take a minute.

When faced with an unexpected hurtful situation, take a minute or two before responding. Or even ask yourself if it’s worth responding at all? For instance, if you get a text from someone that hurts your feelings or surprises you in some way, don’t impulsively respond. Take some time to digest and think things through. Having emotional intelligence is most important in these particular situations.

Validate others emotions.

When you are engaged in conversation, practice identifying another’s feeling through validating their emotions when they’re expressing themselves to you. This is another way to boost your emotional intelligence. Validation is communicating with understanding. You don’t have to agree to validate, but having the ability to listen and tell another that you understand how they feel is essential to successful relationships.

Practice meditation; seek therapy.

We’ve talked about how practicing meditation in even the simplest ways can enhance your life, but did you know it also boosts your emotional intelligence? Taking time to be more self-aware, which also occurs through therapy sessions, enables you to identify and attract other emotionally intelligent people around you. Surrounding yourself with others who are on the same wave-length creates the most beautiful, life-long, deep relationships that will challenge you to grow even more emotionally aware.

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