A bigger butt linked to healthier smarter people

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Who knew that having a bigger butt is a healthy thing for both our bodies and our brains? It turns out, and numerous studies have shown, that having a little junk in your trunk is tied to better overall health, lowering the risk for chronic disease, and is linked to higher intelligence. How can this be?

Well, where your fat is distributed over your entire body is an important factor. Having lower body fat versus upper body creates a barrier that fights against heart disease and diabetes, in addition to other health issues related to obesity. Thigh and butt fat play a protective role and is considered healthy versus belly fat that is considered unhealthy.

Also, it’s been found that having and maintaining a larger-sized butt requires high amounts of Omega-3 fats that have been shown to boost brain and memory function, along with improved cognitive abilities. Another interesting finding showed children born to women with larger butts and wider hips have higher intelligence to those from less curvy mothers. So embrace your bottom and appreciate its benefits in a whole new way.

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