3 Practices to become more present

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Do you ever feel that time is just flying by and before you know it, the day is over? Have you ever asked yourself, did I experience anything fully today? Being present, living within the moment and truly savoring all of the good stuff that happens to us can sometimes be a challenge. But thankfully, with intentional practice, there are ways to become more present and experience life to the fullest; here are 3 of them.

Brain breaks

Did you know that it’s extremely beneficial for your health and well-being to take at least 5 minutes each hour of the day to give your brain a break? We can get so caught up in whatever we have going on that hours will go by without us even realizing it and that can be detrimental to our health. Taking a few moments to simply focus on breathing, take a short walk outside or just be still and redirect our attention, has tremendous health benefits and will enable the mind to be more present consistently throughout each day.

Morning gratitude

Before even thinking about pouring that cup of coffee, the morning is the best time to remind ourselves what we are grateful for; which could be a simple as the tree in our front yard. Connecting with ourselves through nature, taking 10 deep breaths and setting a tone to be more present from the start of the day has an incredible affect on our minds and bodies. This is something that I’ve been practicing each morning. I simply get up before anyone else, step outside or just look out that window for a few minutes while taking some deep breaths to set my intention for the day. I can feel the benefits on the days I do this, and the struggle on the days that I don’t. Here are 5 Ways An Attitude of Gratitude Makes You Healthier

Yoga and Meditation

Both practices of yoga and meditation are meant to keep you in the present moment through mind-body-breath connection. With consistency, in even the smallest amounts, practicing either one, or both within each other, will enable you stay present long after you step away from your mat. If you’ve practiced yoga or meditation, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, consider small steps to incorporate either into your life; you’ll wonder why it took you so long:)

With any of these practices, an intention to start along with a commitment to continue, will take you to the next level of living your life to the fullest while also being fully present while do so.


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