Best way to control your stress and anxiety

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Years ago, everything was going my way. I had just started a new job, bought a house and was planning my wedding; what else could a girl ask for? But with all the good came this feeling of sickness, I just felt off. After my doctor checked me out physically, she asked me what was going on in my life. And when I explained all the wonderful things happening at that time, it became quite clear what was causing my discomfort.
I was completely unaware that all of the happy things in my life were actually causing me stress and anxiety. Although I was so very content, I was also juggling a lot. When this happens, there’s a tendency to forget to breathe. Yes, of course we breathe to stay alive, but stress can cause those breaths to become short; which brings on anxiety and then the cycle just continues on from there. In my doctor’s office, she had me take 3 deep breaths and asked me how I felt afterwards. Dizziness and uneasiness confirmed lack of oxygen to my brain; I needed to breathe.
Regardless of what might be going on in our lives, because there’s always going to be something, it’s important that we remember to take full breaths to quiet and calm the mind so that we can tackle every life obstacle in a healthy way. And on that day, years ago, I’ll never forget, my prescription from the doctor was to take time to breathe as often as possible. I did and continue to follow doctor’s orders to this day with incredible results. Even if at first, you must set an alarm to remember, that’s ok, as with any practice, eventually you’ll discover what works best for you and will naturally incorporate better breathing into your life.
So what’s the most efficient way to breathe? This is how I do it.
  • Find a quiet space if you can. If not, just sit tall in your chair whether it be at work, in your car, or at home.
  • Take note of your breathing by putting your hand on your chest and/or stomach.
  • Be aware and focus on the air you’re inhaling and exhaling.
  • Start to breathe more deeply and slowly with a full inhale through your nose and then a full exhale out the same way.
  • Be mindful, keep your feet flat on the floor and posture strong while you continue to breathe deeply five to 10 times.
  • As you focus on your breath and take a minute away from your surroundings, you will start to feel calmer.
  • You’ll find your stress and anxiety will lessen and be under better control each time you breathe with intention.
  • Take time everyday to focus on your breath and then set out to conquer your day!
  • PS-This practice of breathing is a form of meditation; yes, it really is that easy:)

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