10 Things it’s okay to give yourself permission to do

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Have you noticed yourself overthinking, doubting choices you’ve made, feeling pressured, and/or having trouble sleeping? We’re conditioned, especially as women, to believe that we must live life a certain way, put up with behaviors that are unacceptable and just let things go way too often.

I’m here to tell you it’s ok to give yourself permission to do do these 10 things and feel better instantly.

Plan some alone time.

This means exactly what is says, plan some alone time just like you would an appointment for your kids. Even if it’s just an hour to sit with a book and a cup of tea.

This may seem impossible to many of you, but it’s well worth the effort because the results are two-fold. We all need a minute to just be with ourselves for health, wellness and your loved ones.

End a relationship.

This one is tough because it takes serious guts to speak up and step out of a relationship that doesn’t make you happy anymore, rather than staying in it and suffering.

It’s ok to kindly say good-bye and not feel guilty about it. I’m a true believer in honesty and integrity because when you stand by who you are and what you want in your life, people will respect you, and you’ll respect yourself.

Take a break from social media.

This means more than just a few hours off of social media to give your head a break from the chaos. Social media is not real, period. So when we get caught up in what we believe to be is everyone’s perfect life, it can take a toll on our wellness.

Pick a day to take a break, maybe a Saturday when you can give yourself 100% to your family; you’ll thank yourself later.

Forgive yourself.

Oh man, the torture of regret of mistakes we’ve made can ruin a perfectly great day. Make the decision right now to forgive yourself for whatever you’re giving yourself a hard time about.

We all make mistakes and instead of them being a negative, look at them as a learning opportunity and believe it all happened for a reason. With this, you’ll be able to move on and live a happier life.

Say no.

We don’t have to say yes to everything because when we do it can cause burn out while we’re tying to make everyone else happy. Although it may take some practice, it’s ok to say “no, I’m sorry I can’t today.” With time, you’ll feel better and less guilty for putting yourself first every once in a while.

Change your mind.

So you made a decision you were pretty sure about, then you changed your mind. That’s ok. And you don’t owe anyone an explanation. If you feel good about your choices and they’re healthy, there’s no reason to doubt yourself, ever. Being confident in your decisions will also enable you to get a better night’s sleep naturally.

Be selective in who you surround yourself with.

This is a biggy and something I’ve learned along the way because energies are contagious and who we surround ourselves with can directly affect our health and wellness.

So be selective, take note and be aware of the people in your life while asking yourself; do I feel better or worse after spending time with this person? If it’s the latter, you may want to consider ending that relationship.

Feel your emotions.

So often we’re afraid to cry because it’s viewed as weak, or we push away feelings of sadness because they’re too difficult to deal with. It’s actually healthier to allow yourself to feel your emotions and work through them. Even if it’s just a good cry during your planned “alone time”; you’ll feel better in the long run.

Choose you.

This may seem selfish, but it’s not, it’s mandatory. Putting yourself at the top of the list is sometimes essential for your own mental health and those who surround you. When you feel good, your family will feel good because of those contagious energies we’ve talked about.

Excuse yourself from triggering conversations.

If you sense a conversation is going in a direction that makes you feel uncomfortable potentially triggering unhealthy feelings, excuse yourself. Whether it be over the phone or right in front of you, know when it’s time to hang up or walk away. With time and practice, you’ll know immediately when you need to protect yourself.

Final thought…

When you give yourself permission to live life in the healthiest of ways that enable you to be your happiest, you’ll gain confidence and never regret your choices. The first step is knowing it’s ok. You only live one life, make it your best life!

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