Best way to fight wrinkles while sleeping

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You’ve heard it a million times, “get your beauty sleep”. This is because sleep is essential to our health and provides life changing benefits, but with that comes 7-8 hours of your face being pressed awkwardly against a pillow; which doesn’t exactly create beauty in the morning.

Studies show tossing and turning on a rough surfaced pillow each night can cause creases that turn into wrinkles over time. So what’s the answer?

Dermatologists say using a silky smooth pillowcase creates a softer surface for your skin and hair. With smoothness on your face versus rough friction for many hours each night, you can finally get that beauty sleep you’ve been dreaming of and reduce wrinkles in the long run.

Now, silk can be expensive and with so many overwhelming choices, I was on a mission to find the BEST pillowcase that does the job of keeping wrinkles away. without breaking the bank and here it is…

Voted the winner and “all star stand out” by Good Housekeeping giving their seal of approval, Fishers Finery 100% pure silk pillow case takes the boat. And I can see why as I absolutely LOVE it!!

In addition to maintaining smooth skin overnight, another benefit of using a silk pillowcase is to avoid hair breakage by keeping its moisture retention. This pillowcase keeps hair from getting dry, frizzy and breaking off.

Their lab tests show it to be strong and moisture-wicking and consumers have rated it “beautiful and comfy”.

Made of 100% mulberry silk, 19mm, this exceptional silk pillowcase comes with silk on both sides, an oversized envelope flap to ensure pillow remains inside, in an array of colors and sizes.

With over a eleven-hundred five star reviews on Amazon, and a Good Housekeeping two year limited warranty, you can be confident that this is the silk pillowcase for you. It also makes the PERFECT gift!

With each year we gain, we should all be grateful to grow older, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it a little bit more gracefully. Stay healthy and well my friends. xo

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