I put Jennifer Aniston’s Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to the test; here are my results

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I’m the first person to take advice from someone like Jennifer Aniston especially when she signed on as the Chief Creative Officer for Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide brand! Why?

Jennifer Aniston has always seemed like a trustworthy person to me who wouldn’t put her name on something that she didn’t truly believe in, plus she looks damn good, so why not? And from a health and wellness perspective, what she said also made sense to me…

Collagen is the glue that holds everything together. I’ve always been an advocate for nourishing your wellness from within, which is why I started using Vital Proteins so many years ago. Now, to have the opportunity to be a part of the brand in a bigger way, as Chief Creative Officer, is very exciting to me.”
– Jennifer Aniston

After speaking with my doctor to confirm there was no harm in trying Vital Proteins Collagen, I bought the 10oz container and some travel-sized packets for when I was on the go. My best friend had been using the brand for some time by putting a scoop in her coffee each morning, so I opted to do the same thing…


Throughout my trial period I continued to research and read countless articles of what a collagen supplement is actually made of, what it’s supposed to do while also learning from other people’s experiences; which all seemed very positive.

But what stood out to me the most were the promises on the Vital Proteins label that say taking their collagen supplies a youthful appearance, skin hydration, skin elasticity, healthy joints and bones and hair and nail support; and all of that sounded very good to me.

So I put one scoop in my black coffee each morning, with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Even though the container says ‘unflavored’ there is a slight taste that I got used of drinking after the first week.


I will be turning 50 this year and I’m starting to consider what I need to do to not only look younger than my age, but also FEEL younger than my age. I’m always trying to find small steps to self care so that I can look and feel my best and this seemed like another great way to do so.

Exercising for decades has worn down my joints and bones quite a bit as I suffer from aches and pains I’ve never had before. I was hopeful to positively affect these problems more than anything else promised on the label.

But let’s be honest, if there was a magic pill outside of eating healthy and staying active to maintain a youthful glow, sign ME up! And if Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is a healthy way to do this, I want in.


It’s been 45 days and the only difference that I FEEL is my aches and pains have greatly improved. My knee doesn’t hurt as much and I’m able to exercise at ease more so than before taking the collagen. So Jennifer Aniston was right, nourishing wellness from within is very true.

As far as how I LOOK, I don’t see much difference other than maybe a little more glow? But we always look better on the outside when we feel better on the inside because they go hand in hand.

Knowing that I was doing something positive for my mind and body felt good and I do feel that taking the Vital Proteins collagen benefited me in ways that I otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. Will I continue? Yes.

So is it for you? Talk to your doctor before you start taking any type of supplement, but if you get the clearance, I’d say it’s worth giving it a try.

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