Meditation for anxiety: 3 easy ways to find relief

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We hear the word anxiety now more than ever and it’s a great thing that we’re talking about it so openly because it affects an estimated 40 million adults in the United States alone. Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension of what’s to come.

And when it occurs, many panic and don’t know how to alleviate it other than having a drink or popping a pill; which is only a short term fix. Instead, consider facing your fears head on through meditation with these 3 easy ways to find relief.

Mindful meditation

We all experience anxiety in different ways but some common symptoms are worrying the worst is going to occur, not wanting to face what’s ahead of us and being unable to relax. When you practice a mindful meditation, you become more aware of the thoughts and feelings your mind and body are going through rather than shying away from them.

Believe it or not, being with what scares you can help to fight off the anxiety, almost like an awakening as you realize that your mind is playing tricks on you. Just like anything, practicing will sharpen and strengthen your mind, and in time you’ll gain control over your anxiety whenever it may creep up on you.

How to practice mindful meditation

Sit up straight in a comfortable position just like the woman pictured above in the best meditation chair, and pay close attention to your breath. Be aware of the your breath as it comes in and out through your nostrils or your mouth, do whatever is best for you.

Once you are in this calmer state, allow your mind to see what thoughts or emotions might be affecting you and then simply let them go. Say good-bye. Let them drift away. This can take a little practice, but the combination of your breath and imagining your problems moving past you will give you some relief.

Breath meditation

We’ve talked about breath a lot at Skinny Health Girl and how it is the utmost important and healthy way to deal with stress and anxiety. We all breathe without thinking about it, but taking a few minutes to actually be aware of your breath as your chest and abdomen expand in and out is one of the quickest ways to alleviate anxiety. Breathing with intention calms the brain and body while also resetting the nervous system.

How to practice breath meditation

You can do this laying down when you first wake up or when you’re falling asleep, or also while sitting in a comfortable upright position. Place your hands on your belly and inhale deeply feeling your center deflating and expanding as you release with each breath.

In addition to calming your mind and relieving anxiety, the motion of your body breathing in and out is meditative in itself. I often do this while falling asleep at night and it puts me right out.

Mantra mediation

This is one of the simplest forms of meditation because it’s a sneaky way to get your mind off of what’s causing your anxiety just by thinking of something else. When you feel overwhelmed with thoughts of worry or fear, remember your mantra and those feelings will dissipate.

Try to remind yourself, most of the time what you are concerning yourself with is only in your mind, it’s not real. Your brain can play tricks on you, so why not play back?

How to practice mantra meditation

Choose a mantra, or saying, right now that you can use whenever faced with anxiety. It can be whatever you want like “I am strong” or “I am beautiful” or even the calming mantra most commonly used, “Ommmmmmm”.

The vibration of “ommmm” relaxes the mind and body almost instantly. But also what you tell yourself matters. When you have anxiety repeat the mantra over and over again. And when your negative thoughts get in the way, just go back to your mantra. Every time you do this you will get stronger and you will win.

The take away

No matter what you might be dealing with, always remember this too shall pass. If there is a struggle before it does, simple forms of meditation like these will guide you through. This is not mumbo jumbo, this works and has for thousands of year, we’re just bringing it to the surface now more than ever.

Everyone suffers from anxiety from time to time and others suffer consistently, but there are ways such as meditation and yoga to find some relief. Learn more about me and the best way to control your stress and anxiety.

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