Go for walk; 5 healthy reasons why

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Walking, as a form of exercise, doesn’t always get enough credit it deserves for the incredible benefits it provides health wise. With all the crazy intense exercises available today, many people assume walking does not measure up or achieve the same results or health benefits, but that’s not true. Research has repeatedly proven you should go for a walk as often as you can and here are 5 healthy reasons why.

Walking reduces cancer risk

Walking, the sun, and the vitamin D it provides, gives your body another layer of protection against the risk of cancer. A study from the American Cancer Society found a 14% lower risk of getting breast cancer for women who walk seven or more hours per week. Bottom line, take a walk as often as you can.

Walking helps to lose weight

Just like anything, committing to walking on a daily and/or weekly basis will burn calories and help you to lose weight. Walk faster and more often, builds muscle and increases your metabolism; and you’ll lose even more weight. Combine walking with a healthy diet and watch the pounds fall off in the best ways possible while also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Walking reduces stress and makes you feel happy

No one can deny that they feel better after a brisk walk or any sort of heart-pumping exercise; mood is improved and feel-good endorphins are busting at the seams. Another beautiful aspect of walking is that you can do it anywhere at anytime. So whenever you might be feeling stress, throw on those sneakers and walk outside. Just breathing in the air alone will alleviate stress while also making you feel happy. You’ll feel good instantly, fight off depression and will help you balance your moods.

Walking improves immune system

If you’re looking to improve your immune system so that you can fight off illnesses, take a walk. Studies have shown that taking a thirty to forty-five minute moderate paced walk increases immunity levels for hours after the exercise and with consistency has a cumulative effect in protection. Literally be healthier from walking.

Walking helps you think more clearly

Taking a walk gets the blood flowing which positively affects brain function enabling you to think more clearly, improve reaction time, in addition to your cognitive and memory function. Brain health is improved in everyone from teenagers to older adults who walk. It’s also been found that walking before taking a test will improve performance and results.  

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