Can red wine release body fat? Here’s the answer

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Red wine has a number of health benefits that make it more appealing outside of being a way to relax at the end of the day.  Even though it isn’t a magic bullet or a cure-all, red wine has some desirable qualities with one of them being a fat releaser.
In moderation, red wine has been known for some time to be healthy for your heart.  The antioxidants found in it help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of good cholesterol and protect the lining of blood vessels.  But in addition to that, a Purdue University study from April of this year shows red wine could also help block fat cell formation.

To simplify the science, a compound called piceatannol found in red wine blocks cellular processes that allow fat cells to develop.  The study showed that the grape seeds and skin contain piceatannol, also found in blueberries, alters the process of early stage fat cells becoming mature fat cells.  The belief is that this study has opened the door to finding a way to control obesity.

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