Best healthy foods to fight stress and calm your mind

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Did you know that what you eat plays in a role in how your brain functions? And if you’re fighting stress and anxiety this is especially true. Often times, many of us turn to comfort foods to ease the stress, but ultimately those chips or sugary foods make us feel worse. Instead, consider nourishing your body with the best healthy foods that contain mood-boosting minerals and vitamins to fight stress and calm your mind; here are 4 of our favorites.


These tasty soybeans are not only extremely good for your health, they are also extremely good for your brain. Jam-packed with omega-3, edamame will relieve your stress and anxiety enabling you to more easily relax. Plus, they can be fun to eat or have an appetizer. I like to buy them frozen, outside of their shell, and add them to a vegetable quinoa or brown rice.


For years now, we’ve all been told that salmon is a very good healthy-heart food that will play a role in helping you live a longer life. But it’s also a healthy-brain superfood that’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B and magnesium that all relieve stress and calm your mind. Salmon is one of the top foods recommended by doctors to fight brain diseases and is also one of the 6 best hormone balancing foods. Try to eat it at least once a week along with your favorite vegetables to stay physically and mentally fit.


This is one of my husband’s favorite foods to eat! Oatmeal actually contains melatonin; which induces calmness and relaxes your mind freeing you of stressful feelings. This healthy food choice also contains tons of vitamin B6 and magnesium, making it even more soothing. Add a little honey, cinnamon, or whatever you like to boost its benefits and make it a staple in your diet.


Now this is my absolute favorite seafood because it’s not only delicious and healthy, it’s also so versatile. Did you know that shrimp can relax you like turkey can? Eating this tasty ocean treat enables you to fight stress and calm your mind in one meal. Like the salmon and edamame, it’s also jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Shrimp cocktail is great for a quick uplifting snack available to you in your refrigerator and incorporate it into any dish like vegetable shrimp brown fried rice or garlic shrimp and broccoli.

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