5 Phrases more important than saying I love you

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Now, more than ever, all of our relationships are at a crossroads where we’re either spending more time than ever together, or not seeing each other at all. To keep our connections flourishing takes some thought and effort, sometimes thinking outside of the box to ensure our loved ones know how much we appreciate them.

Here are 5 phrases more important than I love you that we all should be saying as often as we can.

Thank you!

This may seem like a no brainer, but there is nothing more loving than showing your gratitude and appreciation to someone in your life. Saying thank you as often as possible is one easiest ways to do this. Showing gratitude not only deepens your relationships, but also influences the world’s vibe in a very positive way.

We often say thank you quite naturally, but saying thank you with intention takes it to the next level. For instance, if your husband does something for you unexpectedly, rather than just say “thank you”, consider saying, “thank you so much for your time, effort and kindness, I really appreciate it.” This gesture will go far beyond this simple statement and enhance your relationship. Plus, when people feel appreciated, they do more.

I forgive you.

Although quite difficult at times, this statement is the ultimate key to peace in our world and the greatest gift that you can give someone. Going through a troubled time and coming out the other side with forgiveness can make that connection even more meaningful.

Forgiveness not only repairs relationships in the deepest way, but also allows you to personally to let go of the past and move forward, feel happier and embrace life in a whole new way.

I love me.

This may seem selfish to some, but the fact is you cannot truly love others until you love yourself first. When you don’t think highly of yourself and what you deserve, you will accept less from everyone else in your life.

How do you love you first? Focus on who you are, what you have to offer the world and the strengths that you posses. Once you have a deeper connection with yourself, you’ll be able to give and receive love as you deserve.

I’m proud of you!

Complimenting others, no matter how small the gesture might be, will build people up and deepen your relationships greater than you can imagine. Quite often, we think of positive things about others, but we don’t actually say them. Taking the extra step to commend people in our life by saying, “I’m proud of you!”, can have much deeper meaning than just saying I love you.

I’m thinking of you.

Whether it be a text, an email or sending a card, taking a couple minutes to tell someone that you are thinking of them can make their day. Think about it, if you unexpectedly got a text from a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while saying, I’m thinking of you, wouldn’t that make you feel pretty special?

It’s a kind, loving way to show your affection to someone that you care about without just saying I love you. Try it today! Spread your kindness, we all need a little right now.

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