Should you wear a face mask while running?

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Health care providers and people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 were the majority wearing face masks, until now. Wearing a face mask when going to the grocery store, or where other people are going to be is now a must. But should you also wear a face mask while running?

After doing a little research, we got the answer to this question. Even though a cloth mask covering your nose and mouth is going to be uncomfortable while outside running or walking, you should wear one if you’re going to be on a populated trail.

With that being said, it’s important to practice these safety tips to ensure ultimate protection.

  1. Avoid touching your mask and face especially when it becomes wet from sweating.
  2. Immediately remove mask when finished exercising.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after touching mask for removal.
  4. Wash mask in hot water and detergent every time you wear it.

Some other things to keep in mind, and the moral to the story is aim to run or walk away from others and keep a 6 foot distance from anyone you might see. Wear a mask if your route doesn’t allow for this. Or find another way to exercise for the time being, such as at home workouts online or DVD.

Last thought; you do not need a medical mask, using a scarf or bandanna is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure your nose and mouth are fully covered and you’re good to go.

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