10 Top Anti-inflammatory Foods to feel your best

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Inflammation is the cause of many health issues that can affect your every day life from muscle pain, acne and even cancer. Food plays the biggest role in chronic inflammation and one of the simplest ways that you can fight it is by being aware of what you are putting into your body.

Here are our 10 top anti-inflammatory foods to feel your best self.


This very special vegetable contains lycopene that has been proven to reduce inflammation associated with cardiovascular and cancer. Put them on a sandwich, make a fresh salsa or sauce’ them into a delicious sauce to really make an impact.



You’ve heard this a million times, salmon is very good for your health, period. With regards to inflammation, the Omega-3 fats contained in salmon suppress it; keeping your body in a healthier state. Try to eat it weekly along with some of the foods mentioned below for the ultimate inflammation protection.


This leafy green contains numerous antioxidants that play a direct role in reducing inflammation while also boosting the immune system. Chop spinach into anything from an omelette to a vegetable quinoa for another layer of health. Organic baby spinach is best and sold everywhere.


This very healthy fruit naturally lowers C-reactive proteins in your blood; which are the indicators of inflammation in your body. Buy a couple of handfuls of cherries when available, clean them and keep in frig to snack on daily.


The super food of all super foods in my opinion because avocados contain monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that enable them to fight off inflammation brought in by other foods that cause it. Quite amazing! Learn the 5 reasons avocados are the best food in the world.


These delicious little trees contain phytochemicals that have the ability to fight inflammatory compounds associated with cancer development. Broccoli is delicious drizzled with a little olive oil and sautéed garlic as a side dish or mixed with a protein like chicken or shrimp, so good and good for you!

Shitake mushrooms

Incorporating this type of mushroom into your diet can lower inflammation and improve your overall immune system; enabling your body to fight off illness and disease. Sauté some with sweet onions and top a pizza or mix into a whole grain pasta or rice.

Extra virgin olive oil

This taste-enhancing oil contains inflammation suppressing compounds and some omega-3 that will play a role in keeping you healthy. Use to sauté’ anything or make a big salad with the best healthy balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing.


This very special spice has the ability to ease most inflammation related conditions, so imagine what it can do to your body beforehand to fight it off. Incorporating turmeric into your meals or drinking it daily will keep your body prepared for anything.


Strawberries are one of the healthiest berries you can eat because they contain antioxidants that fight off harmful free radicals associated with inflammation. This is another fruit that if you clean up and cut off the tops to store in your refrigerator, they’re easy to snack on and make a huge healthy impact on your body.

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