4 Ways to control hunger during the day

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Some days are worse than others and there could be an array of reasons why you might be feeling more hungry than you normally do. But if you’ve taken good care of yourself, ate some breakfast and have a busy day ahead of you, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything, especially hunger.

Here are four ways to control hunger during the day.

You might not be hungry at all

Did you know when you’re feeling like your stomach is empty and maybe even hearing it growling, you might not actually be hungry at all? That feeling is from lack of fluids and it turns out, you’re just thirsty and on your way to dehydration.

So always be sure to have a bottle or two of water with you to stay hydrated and ward off those hunger pains before eating anything. Once you take a drink of water, you won’t believe how quickly you’ll feel satisfied.

Eat nuts

This is one of the most insistent practices that I will preach to everyone that I know; always, always, always, have a small bag of nuts with you. Not only are nuts good for you and should be eaten often, they also quickly control hunger so that you never show up ravenous and make bad food decisions.

Nuts can get you through a meeting, that mid-afternoon slump, or if you’re having a late dinner. It doesn’t take much to satisfy so be careful to only eat a palmful otherwise it will be too much fat and do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Walnuts, pistachios and cashews are the best.

Drink kombucha

You’ve probably seen them everywhere by now, in all sorts of flavors, actually, my husband drinks them everyday. Kombucha tea is fermented and has been consumed for thousands of years. It’s also rich in probiotics; which have many health benefits and will help you to feel full, especially the flavors that include ginger.

In fact, studies have shown that kombucha lowers blood sugar levels which in turn may help manage Type 2 diabetes. And the types made with green tea have been shown to be even more beneficial. Incorporating kombucha into your day will help you control hunger while doing something very healthy for your body.

Check in with yourself

Sometimes we think we’re hungry, when there might be something else going on like lack of sleep, boredom, or emotional triggers from stress. So before you grab your next bite of food, check in with yourself and ask if maybe what you’re going through is disguised as hunger?

The best way to control this type of hunger is stay busy, do something else, get more sleep as soon as possible and surround yourself with healthy food choices. Call a friend, paint your nails or better yet, do something active. By taking your mind off of your hunger pains, they will most likely disappear.

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