4 Best ways to make your relationship successful

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How’s your relationship going? Romantic relationships can be difficult to maintain and keep healthy for the long run. Among other things, it takes a ton of work, awareness and willingness to make it work. Through trial and error, we’ve found these 4 best ways to make your relationship successful.

Calm communication

Some people communicate through raised voices or no voice at all while living in silence during a challenging time. In a nutshell, both of these tactics simply do not work.

Instead, consider calmly and quietly sitting down with one another and expressing your feelings. Creating a safe open dialogue with your partner and continuing this practice will make your relationship strong and long-lasting. In addition, calm communication will set a good example for your children to take with them through life.

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Less control; more trust

So often I see other couples talking to each other in demeaning ways, almost like they’re speaking to their children rather than their equal. This alone will destroy a relationship because no one can withstand being controlled for long.

It can be challenging to stop this type of behavior especially if it’s gone on for years, but if you incorporate the calm communication mentioned above and express how it makes you feel, you’re headed in the right direction.

Think back to when you first met your partner, go back to that time in your mind, and find that trust again. Remember to live and let live.

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Selfless listening

This is a tough one! Most people listen to respond and only think of themselves when another is expressing their feelings. Instead, let go of yourself and listen to what your partner is trying to say to you. Put yourself into his or her shoes and try to listen selflessly.

It takes guts to speak up and if the love of your life is communicating something to you, there must be good reason for it. When you show compassion and really try to understand how another is feeling while giving them the time to speak, without interruption, in a safe space, your relationship will flourish. I can promise you this.

Space to be your own

When your partner lets you be 100% you, and that’s also given back to them, there’s no better gift. Appreciating each other’s interests, personalities, likes and dislikes is what attracts us from the beginning and enables the relationship to grow.

Giving each other the space needed to be ourselves and accomplish our goals is true love. Taking a step back, removing ego and understanding that this might not always include you or your partner, is what’s called being selfless. Putting the person you love before yourself is truly what makes a relationship successful.

Be and stay healthy my friends:)

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