It’s time to turn around the negative; transform our lives

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As I walked through Marshall’s department store today, I took serious note of what others were saying, their tone and facial expressions. I couldn’t help but notice that everyone around me was focusing on the negative and I realized it’s time to turn it around. Whether it’s in a department store, on Facebook, or just talking with friends, I’m finding, way too often, that there’s a pattern to see the bad in everything. But why?

It seems that we’re programmed to find the ugly in a pretty girl, to put down our bodies continuously and to constantly remind ourselves of what we don’t have versus what we do. But you see, we have the power to change that thought process by reprograming our brains to see the good, to see the positive and to see what we should be grateful for.

Just try, for the next 2 weeks, to say or think the opposite of negative every time you hear or think a derogative comment or thought. Since it takes about that amount of time to change an unhealthy behavior, there’s a very good chance you will not only start to see the world in a different light, but will also transform your life. It’s time to turn it around. Are you with me?

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