6 Red Flags you should never ignore when dating someone new

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There is nothing like the feeling of falling for someone new. That beginning phase can be so invigorating, intoxicating and exciting, but can also be perilous if you’re not careful.

We can get so caught up in the romance and hopefulness of it all, warning signs can be missed and what we thought might be the love of our life, may not be the healthy relationship we’d longed for.

Never allow a relationship to jeopardize your well-being, be cautious and honest with yourself. It’s flattering to have someone gush about you and want to spend every minute they can with you, but at the same time, these can also be red flags you should never ignore when dating someone new.

Using pet names like “babe” or “sweetie” way too soon.

A few weeks into a relationship should be a time of getting to know someone in a respectful way. Starting to call someone new a pet name such as babe or sweetie early on can be a sign of extreme neediness. Moving too fast in a relationship is the biggest red flag that you might be dealing with someone who has deeper issues, and may feel the need to control you, be aware.

Booking a trip shortly after meeting.

Taking time to become comfortable with one another through dinners and maybe a night at home with Netflix is the best way to get to know each other. When your new date is already talking about going away on a trip together shortly after meeting, there could be something else going on there. Wanted to get a vacation on the books is a way to ensure you have future plans together, but if you don’t know each other just yet, it can seem too much too fast too soon.

Anger issues.

Did you know nearly 5 million women experience domestic violence in the United States every year? And those are just the women that have actually reported it. How a romantic partner deals with their anger is something to pay very close attention to when dating someone new. Whether it’s verbal abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse, don’t make excuses for the behavior, protect yourself, get out of the relationship as quickly as possible and never look back.

Interest in moving in with each other within the first few months.

Although I am a big believer in living with each other before marriage because it can save you a ton of stress and aggravation down the road, it should be carefully considered and certainly not within the first few months of meeting. To me, interest in moving in together early on is the biggest red flag that you might be dealing with a control freak. Stay independent, take your time and be wary. Always remember, you teach people how to treat you.

Pressing to meet those closest to you immediately.

Listen, I completely understand wanting to have your best friend or your mom give you their impression of your new girl or guy, but it’s important to be aware that pressing to meet those closest to you so quickly can be a red flag that the relationship is moving way too fast. Wanting to impress your friends and family with the hope you’ll be influenced by their potential act is no way to get to know someone better. Protect yourself and your loved ones until you are sure this person is right for you first.

You start seeing your pictures on their Facebook or Instagram.

Sure taking a cute selfie together is fun, but if you start to see yourself tagged all over your new date’s Facebook or Instagram pages, be aware. A new relationship should be private, just between the two of you. But if your date is making big announcements with photos through public platforms it can be a sign that this person is co-dependent, wants attention and might be quite needy also. Ask politely that he/she hold off on social media until you’re both comfortable with where you stand in your relationship.

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