8 Smart Ways to make mealtime more memorable

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Everyone is busy, and if we’re not actually doing something, we’re thinking about everything we have to do today, tomorrow and into the future. Distraction, worry and daydreaming takes us away from the present moment and mealtime is no exception.

Rushing through figuring out what to eat, throwing something together and scarfing it down takes away from what should be a special occasion within your day and with your family. Does this sound like you?

We’ve been eating at home more than ever. You can create a habit, even if it’s just once or twice a week, of making mealtime more memorable while tuning into your body’s needs, nourishing yourself and living a healthier lifestyle using these 8 smart ways.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Try something new

Rather than the hum drum repetitive meals you always make, consider trying something new. One of the best ways to make mealtime more memorable and entice your family is to eat something special and delicious that you may even think about the next day. Maybe consider incorporating the 10 top anti-inflammatory foods to feel your best?


Give everyone a role

Delegating help from your husband or kids to make mealtime less stressful does not only make prep more timely, it also gives everyone a role and attachment to the food. Your kids are more apt to eat what you’re making if they helped create it. Plus, it makes for great conversation and connection from the kitchen to the table.

Turn off all electronics

This is one of the biggest rules every family should be insisting on right now because there’s nothing more distracting than a phone or device when you’re trying to have a conversation. Having everyone put their electronics in the other room while making and eating dinner is one of the smartest ways to make mealtime more memorable. Understandably, this can be a challenge, but with practice will become routine.

Set and sit at a table together

Yes, you can make a delicious meal together and eat together, but there’s something really special about setting and sitting at the same table together too. Nowadays, especially with everyone on the run, this has become old school, but why not bring it back for at least a couple days per week? And when doing this, there’s a much better chance you can keep everyone together after mealtime to stay at the table and play a game or have a discussion.

Express gratitude

Taking a moment to express gratitude for your food, health, and everything you have, together as a family, or even just for yourself if you’re eating alone, is one of the best ways to make your mealtime special. Conditioning your kids to do this at a young age will have a lifetime affect on them that hopefully will continue on for generations. Learn the 5 ways an attitude of gratitude makes you healthier.

Share something

There’s no better time to open up and communicate with those whom you love than at mealtime. Actually sitting together and going around the table to share something positive that happened within your day or have discussions builds families to be stronger and feel safer.

Be mindful.

Being mindful of your food is one of the top ways to make a meal more memorable. Slow, intentional, awareness when eating will help you enjoy your meal and enable your body to digest properly. Appreciate each bite; take your time and really taste your food, this appreciation will become habit.

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