What does a health and wellness coach really do?

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What does a health coach really do?

It’s funny, I wondered the same thing when I was researching the credentials required to become a health coach, and then I became fascinated by the prospect of being one. Unlike counseling, or any other type of therapy, coaching is a client-driven, self-directed vehicle to achieve a higher level of well-being, especially when change is challenging. Simply put, the client is always in the drivers seat.

What is a health coach?

Coaching is built on a relationship of trust and connection in a judgement-free, safe space, supporting personal growth, discovery and transformation. A coach is a partner who offers a thought provoking creative process of inspiration through positive energy, while assisting the client to achieve goals and dreams. A masterful coach understands that the client is the expert of his or her life and encourages self-discovery through various techniques unlike any other partnership you’ve ever experienced before.

Why do we need health and wellness coaches?

Did you know that human beings are wired to thrive, but only 20% of us are doing so? The positive from this is people really want to be well, but the reality of everyday living gets in the way. New life skills and techniques to manage them are needed and connecting with a health coach is the first step to get to that path of success.

People don’t resist change, they resist being changed. And unfortunately, our healthcare system is made up of experts telling us what to do rather how to do it. And most of us are not equipped with the knowledge or self-efficacy for long-term behavior change. Therefore, chronic diseases account for more than half of all deaths in our country with obesity and diabetes reaching epidemic levels. This is where health and wellness coaches step in with a focus on self-care reform.

What really happens in a coaching session?

As health coaches, we believe that anything is possible and nothing breeds success like success. Studies have shown that creating a clear and compelling vision for your future can lead to sustainable behavior change. This is because we’re naturally motivated through compelling conversation where our words have the ability to become our world. Happiness can occur when we have clear cut goals so that our dreams can become our reality.

The first session is a little longer than the rest as this is where you will create your own vision and 3-month goals to support and accomplish it. Then you’ll have the option to schedule on-going coaching sessions each week or how often you’d like. Within those 30 minutes or so, you’ll start with the positives and highlights that have occurred in your life since you last connected with your coach, including best experiences with your goals from prior session.

Next you’ll get to the heart of the matter where you can talk about anything that is on your mind to provoke deeper thoughts and maybe even bigger dreams. From there you’ll have the opportunity to create some SMART goals for the upcoming week bearing in mind these are small achievable baby steps that you feel comfortable in setting. And lastly is just a positive wrap up of the session, an opportunity for feedback and to schedule another time to connect.

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